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2018 Retrospective

Wow… 2018 was a crazy year for me in most areas of my life, and full of experiences I am extremely grateful for.  I decided to start doing retrospectives so I can capture highlights of […]

Clear To Send Podcast Episode 150

CTS 150: Wi-Fi Design Day, NAC, Troubleshooting, C9800, and More Two podcast appearances in two weeks?!  I’m a lucky guy! Thanks to a work trip to San Jose, I was fortunate enough to meet up […]

Wireless LAN Pros Podcast Episode 171

I Wish I Had Known Earlier About CWNP Program Last week I had the opportunity to participate in a podcast with Matthew Casteel of Wireless LAN Professionals, where we discussed how continual learning is the […]

Where in the world is Coops, San Diego?

The last few months have been a bit of a whirlwind, with starting a new job and a bunch of travel and Wi-Fi events!  So I thought I’d cover what I have been up to […]

The Importance of Signal-to-Noise Ratio

Let’s discuss SNR and the impact of channel widths!

802.11ax – Recommended Resources (mid-2018)

Keen to learn more about 802.11ax but don’t know where to start?  Here’s a few excellent resources to get you started! (note: title specifies mid-2018 as publications are going to change and evolve as more […]

Cisco SmartPort Macros for 802.1X

This post will cover some examples of using Cisco SmartPort Macros in a wired 802.1X environment to change the ‘default’ (aka 802.1X enabled per port) behaviour of ports on a Catalyst switch.    Examples here […]