Ultra-wideband & You!

As promised during my Ultra-wideband & You! presentation at Wireless LAN Professionals Conference 2020 in Phoenix, I have published the list of references that I researched and studied to assist with composing the information presented.

Here is the list in a Google Sheet which you can sort/filter or download if you wish:

UWB References

I have categorized the content based on topics, media format, length, and have also rated each reference.

Please keep in mind that the ratings are based on what I found useful for learning about and understanding UWB, and your mileage may vary.  For example, some articles rated as Brief are good; but I have rated them as such for you to have an idea of the length of content where “1 page” doesn’t quite illustrate that.

Also, keep in mind some content pre-IEEE 802.15.4-2015 may content out-of-date or irrelevant features or information.

Hope you enjoy diving and delving through the wealth of knowledge out there on UWB!

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