Casual Wi-Fi Analysis

I’m sure I am not alone with my fellow Wi-Fi professionals in that when at a public venue I like to scope out for wireless access points; assess the installation location, positioning, and quality; and also do a quick connectivity and usability test.  Sometimes I might go as far to run a quick scan in the iPhone AirPort Utility to see signal strengths and channels in use.

Recently I purchased a MacBook Air and have had a lot of fun using Wi-Fi Explorer.  I saw that Adrian had posted instructions on how to import AirPort Utility scans into Wi-Fi Explorer – this could be useful!

I visited a brewpub here in town the other day and found some horrible configuration on the 2.4GHz bands with channels other than 1/6/11 being used.  I ran a scan for a few minutes and emailed myself the results.  As you can see below the emailed results don’t display in easily readable manner.

airport utility.PNG

So when I got home I followed Adrian’s instructions here to paste the data into Wi-Fi Explorer, and it conveniently organised the scanned BSSIDs and RF information into the default columns presented in the UI.  I could now easily see the AP vendor as well as signal strengths and channels configured, much to my dismay.

wifi explorer

I will definitely be using this import functionality more frequently in future!

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