Think of the Birds

Recently I was designing a warehouse wireless deployment for a customer which included outdoor coverage under awnings for the use of barcode scanners and VMUs (vehicle mounted units).

The site was in the process of being renovated and fitted out after purchase from a previous business, so there wasn’t a lot of staff working on site daily to notice the amount of birds roosting among the girders and framework under the awnings.  I pointed this out to the IT manager who was guiding me around the site advising “Not only will we need to install the outdoor APs in secure weatherproof enclosures, you’ll want to do something about those birds.”

The IT manager looked puzzled, and I explained that birds love nesting near or on warm objects especially in winter – the access points specified to be installed would generate a nice warm glow.  I recommended several sonic bird repellers (similar to these, as an example) be installed under the awnings to prevent the birds nesting on the access points.

So when designing and deploying outdoor wireless we not only need to consider the obvious elements of water, wind, heat, lightning, dust; but also wildlife than can chew at cabling or want to nest on our APs!  Design for your clients AND for the environment.

(Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with Birds Off, their product was used for example purposes).

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